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  • Part of a bigger family

    Being part of a bigger family helps and as one of the four divisions of IACC Holdings we can call on our sister companies to help with our comprehensive shipping agency services across every port in Egypt.

  • The truth about Damietta

    One of the other main ports we use is Damietta, one of the oldest ports in the world handling more than half of Egypt’s foreign trade and making it the third most important port in the country in terms of movement of goods.

  • The last coffee morning in March

    The last coffee morning in March gave us the perfect occasion to announce our staff promotions for 2019. Congratulations to all those that were promoted.

  • The right people, the right investment, the right services

    Safina is the leading Egyptian shipping services agency and we have invested in technology and dependable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. It’s what makes our world go round and keeps us at the top of the list when visiting ships arrive in Egyptian waters looking for reliable shipping services.

  • Don’t leave home without them!

    If there’s one thing a captain needs it is to know that when he gives the order to move, he has the right people on his vessel to carry out his orders. The welfare and support of crew members is one of the most vital elements in the operation of a ship. In Egyptian waters it is a task Safina has been handling for decades.

  • The right people at the right time

    The world is moving towards smart shipping operations and more automation but there is still a need for the human element and that’s where Safina comes in to help. Read on to find out more.

  • From ship to shore and back again

    Your ship is ready to sail and all you need now is the crew. Safina has a presence in every Egyptian port and we have decades of experience behind us in supporting vessels visiting Egyptian waters. As the leading Egyptian shipping services agency we understand the need to have crew members collected from ports, airports, train stations and transported to their next assignment. Being a crew member is stressful enough without having to worry about inland transportation.

  • The Network Is The Key

    As the leading Egyptian shipping services agency, we have a lot to live up to in one of the world’s busiest maritime regions. It is something we have been doing for many years and as an increasing number of vessels come into Egyptian waters, they need support services they can call on at short notice and are reliable. Safina has the experience and people across every Egyptian port to offer comprehensive agency support to handle cargo, crew issues, documentation, Suez Canal tolls, bunkering and husbandry services. Safina provides comprehensive ship agency services across all Egyptian ports because with a steady stream of traffic using the Suez Canal from across the globe there is a need for reliable support once in Egyptian waters. Safina acts to preserve and protect the interest of shipowners and charterers as a full-fledged local partner and by combining our decades of expertise with local on the ground knowledge we can ensure that your vessels, crew and cargo are in safe hands. Safina Shipping is also a maritime logistics service operator and we come with vast experience of handling all different cargoes including bulk, break bulk containerized and project cargo.

  • Safina opens Egypt to visiting vessels

    Safina can call on expertise to cover every shipping and cargo request across any of our Egyptian locations. Read on to find out more.

  • Safina delivers the crew

    Without them a ship won’t go very far. Forget them and the delays can be expensive. Ignore them and you could be putting to sea on your own! Your crew is the important asset that makes everything you do work at sea. Their welfare and operational input are the most vital elements in ensuring your voyages are realised and productive. This is when you need the help of a reliable, dependable and most importantly, an experienced ship services agency. Safina has people in every port in Egypt: we are on the ground, in and around the port and always ready to meet and greet visiting ships into Egyptian waters. Until now we have been working away collecting and delivering crew members, assisting masters, owners and operators with every aspect of their ship agency requirements. Now we are launching our new Safina branded crew change vans to tell even more customers about the services we offer in this field.

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