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  • Safina can help you through

    This is going to be a busy year. No matter what the global economic forecasts suggest, there will continue to be a fleet of ships passing through the Suez Canal during 2019 and every one of them will be looking for a reliable ship services agency to help them transit through the Canal either from European or Egyptian waters. Transit through the Suez Canal requires the correct documentation, calculation of the right tolls and often a reasonable amount of waiting time. On our website (www.safina-eg.com) we have a Suez Canal Toll Calculator. By inputting the required information – vessel type, laden or ballasted and the net tonnage – we can calculate instantly the fees required. Safina can help you navigate the rebate system which can significantly reduce your vessel’s toll fee.

  • Our 40th anniversary in 2019

    We’re kicking off our 40th anniversary in 2019 with an event very close to our hearts. Honoring those who we consider founding employees by unveiling our wall of fame at our HQ last Thursday. Invited to celebrate with us were the families of the 6 guests of honors, we spent some time recognizing their great contribution in helping us reach our 40 years of keeping promises. #LifeAtIACC #40Years #KeepingPromises

  • You will find us in every Egyptian port

    Providing the right shipping agency services is not all about capability: it’s also about coverage and at Safina we lay claim to being present at every port in Egypt. Our regional coverage is important as increasing traffic through the Suez Canal calls for more bunkering services, cargo-handling and stevedoring support for visiting ships. As part of a comprehensive cargo, logistics and shipping group, we have the resources to call on to provide a range of services that vessels arriving in Egyptian ports ask for.

  • More than just a shipping agency

    When you arrive in Egyptian waters and are heading for an Egyptian port you need the support and services of a local partner: people who have the knowledge, experience and connections in shipping, cargo, stevedoring, bunkering and husbandry services. Egypt is the gateway to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and our services extend beyond Egyptian ports into Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya and down to the East African coast.

  • Fuelling the shipping world in Egyptian waters

    The facts speak for themselves when it comes to bunkering in Egyptian waters: currently around 1,200 vessels cross the Suez Canal every month but most of them have to see out between 12 to 18 hours of waiting until crossing. This is the ideal time to bunker, even though recent reports from industry experts suggest obtaining fuel at competitive prices is often difficult for ships using the Suez Canal.

  • Change is on the way for bunkers

    The global sulphur cap comes into operation January 1 2020 and is the latest regulation from the International Maritime Organisation to curb the harmful effects of sulphur emissions from maritime vessels. This will have an overall effect on the shipping industry in terms of costs and impact bunkering worldwide. At Safina we can assist visiting ships with bunkering at both Sokhana and Adabiya ports and for vessels passing through the Suez Canal.

  • Cost-effective services for the right customers

    There is always choice when it comes to shipping; there’s a choice of containers; a decision to be made on timings and schedules; weighing up the balance between cost and quality of service; which cargo handlers have the best and most reliable operations; who can provide husbandry and documentation support services and deciding which customer service operations you prefer. There is an argument to be made on price at any level of business and yet that choice needs to take into account the above. At Safina, we have cost-effective services that retain the high standards we have set for the past decade. We are not about to change – and neither should you when talking to us.

  • Big services for big cargo

    You don’t move bulk cargo with one forklift. You don’t lift project cargo with a small winch and an equally small truck! These are specialised cargoes and they need something a little more suited to their size and value. This is where we at Safina come in, because we have the people, the equipment and the knowledge to move these types of cargo. In Egypt when it comes to big cargo you should be talking to Safina Shipping Services.

  • What works is tried and tested

    What works in shipping services? How do you ensure you are getting the right services, for your ships in the right locations? Safina Shipping Services has been offering comprehensive shipping services to vessels throughout all Egyptian ports for more than a decade. In Egypt we are the people ship owners, managers and operators turn to when they need a dependable provision of integrated and customised services. We managed our own groups ships, we know what it takes to keep a service running and so when we say we offer shipping services you need – we mean it and we deliver them.

  • Setting the right standard

    Often what is promised rarely materialises in the right form; with our experience, knowledge and a team of experts, we offer our customers a tailor-made service that works for them, from the moment they arrive in Egypt until their departure. Promises on paper need to work in reality and that’s what where Safina Shipping Services comes in. Look at the words on our website: “We take care of your vessel, cargo, crew and cash, acting as a true local partner for owners, charterers and cargo shippers and receivers.

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