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  • Winners of the IACC Leadership Principles for Q4

    Today, we celebrate the winners of the IACC Leadership Principles for Q4. The winners were nominated by their peers, and must have demonstrated 1 of our 10 Leadership Principles. #LifeatIACC #LeadershipPrinciples

  • “Ask the boss” session at this weeks coffee morning

    At this weeks coffee morning, we were delighted to host an “Ask the boss” session that allowed all staff to openly ask our top management questions, and voice opinions. Pictured here is our CEO Mohamed El Ahwal and our CSO Salwa Soliman, moderated by Mohamed El Anwer our Employee services manager.

  • What exactly is a Shipping Agency?

    A Shipping Agency works on behalf of ship owners, managers or charterers. They are the party handling the shipments and cargo, as well as taking care of the routine tasks of a shipping company. As a Shipping Agency, Safina Shipping Services provides comprehensive ship agency services across all Egyptian ports, Safina acts to preserve and protect the interest of ship owners and charterers as a full-fledged local partner and by combining our decades of expertise with local on the ground knowledge, we can ensure that your vessels, crew, cargo and cash are in safe hands. We offer clients our services as an agency handling bunker calls, husbandry needs, dry-docking and transit services through the Suez Canal.

  • Partners in real time

    Partners in real time You know that feeling when you arrive in a foreign land and you simply don’t know where things are, where the right services are located and depending on your trip, you might sometimes find you just don’t speak the language. It can be quite amusing and adventurous on a holiday but in business it just proves that we all need a reliable and knowledgeable partner. In Egypt we believe that’s what we do for the shipping industry.

  • The Dependable Helping Hand

    Just saying that Safina Shipping Services offers comprehensive maritime logistics services to ensure the safety and accurate delivery of your cargo is easy: the real skill is ensuring your ship, your crew and your cargo benefit from our skills, knowledge and experience in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We are based in Egypt and we see ourselves as a leading provider of integrated maritime, cargo and logistics solutions in the region. Our clients are worldwide, arriving at Egyptian ports and requiring ship management services covering cargo, crew and cash. In Egypt we can rightly say we are a true local partner for owners, charterers and cargo shippers and receivers.

  • The Leadership Lab

    When asked what our purpose was, our CEO quickly replied, “developing people.” Similar to how Disney asserts it’s in the business of making people happy, Transmar as well as all IACC Holdings’ subsidiary companies insist that we are in the business of developing people. This ultimately serves the bigger vision of being the employer of choice which is core to our DNA.

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