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Big services for big cargo

You don’t move bulk cargo with one forklift. You don’t lift project cargo with a small winch and an equally small truck! These are specialised cargoes and they need something a little more suited to their size and value. This is where we at Safina come in, because we have the people, the equipment and the knowledge to move these types of cargo. In Egypt when it comes to big cargo you should be talking to Safina Shipping Services.

Not that it is all about big and bulky: Safina is part of IACC Holdings and along with our sister companies we are leaders in container traffic, breakbulk and bulk cargo, inland transportation and warehousing. As a comprehensive network covering Egyptian ports, we have the capabilities to move cargo of every type accurately and safely. It takes knowledge and experience to handle project cargo. Much of it is bulky, large-scale and often awkward to handle. To us at Safina it is simply another job because we have the right people and equipment to tackle these sorts of movements. To achieve this it should start with the right pre-planning.

Our planning process starts at the preliminary stage asking the right questions, taking correct measurements, discussing special considerations and offering the right technical advice. We can also deal with large and valuable cargo that requires specialist handling with stevedoring and trucking services as part of the services we offer. Our comprehensive service in all cargo transactions starts with our staff. We regard our customers as partners, so the earlier we talk with them, the better we believe our service is. We can advise on dimensional and weight restrictions, the right documentation, duties and local taxes. At Safina we don’t just pick up your cargo, we deliver in every sense of the word.

In Egypt we are used to dealing with large and bulky items – after all, we did build the pyramids! In the 21st century we still have the knowledge and people to help you move your own major cargo. Just make sure you talk to us first.

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