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Cost-effective services for the right customers

There is always choice when it comes to shipping; there’s a choice of containers; a decision to be made on timings and schedules; weighing up the balance between cost and quality of service; which cargo handlers have the best and most reliable operations; who can provide husbandry and documentation support services and deciding which customer service operations you prefer. There is an argument to be made on price at any level of business and yet that choice needs to take into account the above. At Safina, we have cost-effective services that retain the high standards we have set for the past decade. We are not about to change – and neither should you when talking to us.

Our customers come into Egyptian ports and are looking for ship agency and cargo handling services: often their turnarounds are short; sometimes they have specific requests to support crew issues, documentation concerns or they need the services of expert project and bulk cargo handlers. Often they have requests related to bunkering or transits through the Suez Canal. Sometimes they are simply looking for support with chartering or dry-docking. It is in these areas that Safina operates and we have managed our own vessels so we understand these needs – and we can provide these services.

We are cost-effective because we have the knowledge and experience. That translates into efficiencies for our customers: our experience in operating our own vessels tells us what works and how to obtain the right services at the right prices. We can handle requests for every aspect of ship agency services and we deliver. We can handle bulk, break bulk, containerized and project cargo with comprehensive agency services throughout all Egyptian ports, acting in the interests of ship owners and charterers as a fully-fledged local partner.

Often we deal with new customers who arrive at an Egyptian port and need support even before they arrive. Safina swings into action the moment we accept your request and we are ready for you to provide ship agency services or to load or offload your cargo the minute you arrive. We don’t have to hunt around for third-party support because our comprehensive services are tried, tested and ready to start as soon as your vessels docks. If you’re currently looking for a service that is value for money, cost-effective and will work seamlessly for you, then talk to Safina.

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