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Don’t leave home without them!

If there’s one thing a captain needs it is to know that when he gives the order to move, he has the right people on his vessel to carry out his orders. The welfare and support of crew members is one of the most vital elements in the operation of a ship. In Egyptian waters it is a task Safina has been handling for decades.

Crew members are like the rest of us in life: they need help in getting off a ship and to an airport, a train station or to visit a supermarket or hospital. The same happens in reverse but if you’re a stranger in a strange land it is important to have the right people around you. Crews comprise people from all over the world: when they travel it is often to places they have little knowledge of. That’s where we come in: our role is to ensure crew members can move around off the shop knowing they can rely on Safina to collect and deliver them to their vessels on time and safely.

Moving crew members around is more than just providing a van: local knowledge is a must when it comes to crew transport. If you trust your departures to having a full crew complement onboard and ready to sail, then trusting them in the first place to a competent and experienced provider is the only solution. Crew management, the different needs of individuals, is all part of the service we offer to ensure visiting ships arrive and depart on time. If crew members need escorting to locations or to services inland that they are unfamiliar with, then our trained and attentive staff members are on hand to escort and support.

Crew support is not simply about collections and delivery back to ships: we have a raft of services connected to supporting crew members that include documentation and this is all part of a comprehensive ship services offering. Arriving in Egyptian waters and leaving on time with everyone accounted for is just part of our overall service. 

Here at Safina we are available around the clock to provide effective solutions tailored to each individual need, visit us here to find out more about our suez canal services.

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