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From ship to shore and back again

Your ship is ready to sail and all you need now is the crew. Safina has a presence in every Egyptian port and we have decades of experience behind us in supporting vessels visiting Egyptian waters. As the leading Egyptian shipping services agency we understand the need to have crew members collected from ports, airports, train stations and transported to their next assignment. Being a crew member is stressful enough without having to worry about inland transportation.

Safina has a fleet of crew transport vans that operate from four of the leading ports in Egypt – Port Said, Alexandria, Suez and Damietta. Some may regard these are standard services but in Egypt we have the people on the ground to assist because we see ourselves not merely as service providers but as partners: our role is to ensure your vessels are cleared and serviced on arrival and ready for departure and that includes having your crew ready at departure.

Transit through the Canal is often preceded by waiting times that can be up to six hours in some cases – more than enough time for bunkering, which is another of the services we can help you with. Safina has operated its own vessels and understand what services are needed which is why we have invested in a fleet of crew vans and a friendly service team that is committed to answering any questions you might have about Safina maritime transport services.  These services are part of our overall comprehensive package of tailored benefits offered to ships visiting Egyptian waters.

We see crew transportation as a vital element of our operations as a leading shipping services agency. Transporting crew is often regarded as complicated and expensive but  we understand individual customer’s unique needs and work with them to ensure deadlines are met. The experienced team we have created for this keeps in constant communication with captains, ship owners, operators and crew during every stage of our service provision. If changes are needed at the last minute or if an emergency occurs, we can handle any of these through our in-house team and  ensure that they arrive at their destination on time.

With vast experience handling all different cargoes including bulk, break bulk, containerized and project cargo, Safina offers comprehensive maritime logistics services to ensure the safety and accurate delivery of your cargo as well as crew handling. In our book the only important matter is making sure what we promise we deliver.

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