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More than just a shipping agency

When you arrive in Egyptian waters and are heading for an Egyptian port you need the support and services of a local partner: people who have the knowledge, experience and connections in shipping, cargo, stevedoring, bunkering and husbandry services. Egypt is the gateway to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and our services extend beyond Egyptian ports into Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya and down to the East African coast.

As one of the premier shipping agencies in Egypt, Safina offers unparalleled ship agency services and maritime logistics to ship owners and charterers. We can also help arriving vessels to comply with international standards to ensure due-diligence of your vessel, cargo, crew, and cash. To some these are the smaller issues within ship operations but we believe they are vital to the arrivals and departures of visiting vessels into Egypt. We see our role as reliable partners to minimize any risks and maximize savings while ensuring the streamlined functioning of all your resources.

With increasing traffic through the Suez Canal and calls for more bunkering services, cargo-handling and stevedoring support, Safina can provide you with ship agency and maritime logistics services across all Egyptian ports - Alexandria Port, El-Dekheila Port, Damietta Port, Port Said Port, East Port Said Port, Arish Port, Suez Port, Petroleum Dock Port, Adabiya Port, and Sokhna Port.

The Egyptian economy is growing and recent figures suggest greater exports and imports and with those will come greater traffic through Egyptian waters. Our aim is to be at the heart of supporting these visiting vessels and we have the connections in Egypt with reliable and dependable partners to supply the bunkering, Suez Transit documentation, stevedoring, bulk, breakbulk and project cargo handling services, as well as dealing with the smaller husbandry issues that all contribute to a smooth departure from Egyptian waters.

Arriving in any foreign port can be stressful, especially if there are matters that have arisen during the voyage and need handling on arrival. This is why you need to have people on the ground that can swing into action the minute you arrive at an Egyptian port. Our services come from our local knowledge and experience of operating our own vessels. This is what Safina offers at any Egyptian port. 

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