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Part of a bigger family

Being part of a bigger family helps and as one of the four divisions of IACC Holdings we can call on our sister companies to help with our comprehensive shipping agency services across every port in Egypt. Shipping agency services are vital to vessels arriving in Egyptian waters and our coverage is extensive. As part of that bigger family we have the resources of those other divisions to call on to provide a range of services that vessels need to continue their onward journeys.

Our role is to act as a responsible partner with safety of paramount importance. As the leading Egyptian ship services agency we can arrange berths in your port of choice, handle your documentation, clear your vessel with the necessary paperwork and certifications with port and other authorities, as well as releasing or receiving your cargo. Paperwork is second nature to us and in a digital age we can handle this fast and securely: we see ourselves not merely as service providers but as partners and ensuring vessels are not detained in port is a priority for us.

We can call on our sister companies in IACC Holdings to handle cargo and our stevedoring, cargo and project cargo handling services are renowned across the country. Safina has operated its own vessels so we understand the services that are needed to make us a comprehensive and flexible ship agency services that will not impede your progress through the Red Sea, from Suez Canal transits through to everyday cargo handling requests. If you also require repairs and maintenance on arrival, we can support you in these matters with or without prior notification. We are flexible, efficient, skilled and knowledgeable and that comes from the people we employ: attention to detail is high on their list as is regular communication with customers. Without this we would not be as efficient and as useful to visiting vessels as we are.

We understand the need to work closely with our customers and what we bring to ship agency services in Egypt is a guarantee of tried and trusted services that keep everyone moving.

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