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Setting the right standard

The song talks about ‘strangers in a strange land’ and in the maritime world the phrase often rings true. But in Egypt, we at Safina see strangers as customers who want the highest standards of ship agency services and in simple terms, that’s what we offer. Often what is promised rarely materialises in the right form; with our experience, knowledge and a team of experts, we offer our customers a tailor-made service that works for them, from the moment they arrive in Egypt until their departure. Promises on paper need to work in reality and that’s what where Safina Shipping Services comes in.

Look at the words on our website: “We take care of your vessel, cargo, crew and cash, acting as a true local partner for owners, charterers and cargo shippers and receivers.” We have a strong belief in standards and an even stronger adherence to working in partnership with our customers. The maritime world has always traded on understanding and agreement; the ability to deliver on the promises makes for good business. Safina grew from a business running its own ships to the leading ship services management operation in Egypt, so we naturally understand what ships owners and charterers need; we have been there ourselves and can anticipate and define needs; we speak the same maritime language.

Ships calling at Egyptian ports need a variety of services that in words and on-screen all look and sound familiar. Yet they need to be relevant and adaptable to different ships, crews, circumstances and regulations. The handling of cash, the correct paperwork and forms for customs, visas and possible transits through the Suez Canal – all matters Safina deals with on a daily basis. Think of us as a valued local partner and it works: we represent you in the way you want because we understand the mechanics of your business.

We talk often about standards because we want to set ourselves apart from our peers. We say we have vast experience handling all different cargoes including bulk, break bulk, containerized and project cargo - because we have. We also have a commitment to high standards and the judgement on that comes from our returning customers. It’s always nice to greet them once again.

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