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This is going to be a busy year. No matter what the global economic forecasts suggest, there will continue to be a fleet of ships passing through the Suez Canal during 2019 and every one of them will be looking for a reliable ship services agency to help them transit through the Canal either from European or Egyptian waters.

Transit through the Suez Canal requires the correct documentation, calculation of the right tolls and often a reasonable amount of waiting time. On our website (www.safina-eg.com) we have a Suez Canal Toll Calculator. By inputting the required information – vessel type, laden or ballasted and the net tonnage – we can calculate instantly the fees required. Safina can help you navigate the rebate system which can significantly reduce your vessel’s toll fee.

Our transit services include pre-arrival, the calculation of your fees using our toll calculator, keeping your crew updated on the convoy schedules and handling your rebates with the Suez Canal Authority (SCA). Transit through the Suez Canal can take between 11 to 18 hours at an average speed of eight knots.

Suez Canal transits are subject to the right documentation and we have a dedicated team on hand to answer your questions and also support your vessel with other services as requested. Our Suez Canal team is experienced and knowledgeable about the technical issues related to Canal transits. Safina has people at every Egyptian port and our services are based on experience, knowledge and the specialist staff we have.

With increasing traffic through the Suez Canal and calls for more bunkering services, cargo-handling and stevedoring support, Safina can also provide you with ship agency and maritime logistics services across all Egyptian ports - Alexandria Port, El-Dekheila Port, Damietta Port, Port Said Port, East Port Said Port, Arish Port, Suez Port, Petroleum Dock Port, Adabiya Port, and Sokhna Port.

Arriving in Egyptian waters and transiting through the Suez Canal or coming into the region should be a smooth process and we have the people, the experience, the equipment and the knowledge to make that a reality in 2019.

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