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The Dependable Helping Hand

Just saying that Safina Shipping Services offers comprehensive maritime logistics services to ensure the safety and accurate delivery of your cargo is easy: the real skill is ensuring your ship, your crew and your cargo benefit from our skills, knowledge and experience in one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

We are based in Egypt and we see ourselves as a leading provider of integrated maritime, cargo and logistics solutions in the region. Our clients are worldwide, arriving at Egyptian ports and requiring ship management services covering cargo, crew and cash. In Egypt we can rightly say we are a true local partner for owners, charterers and cargo shippers and receivers.

The Middle East, Gulf Region and African ports are continuing to grow. The Egyptian economy is recovering after measures to ease inflation and float the currency under a three-year reform plan according to a recent comment by the International Monetary Fund. No less a figure than the IMF's managing director Christine Lagarde said, "Egypt’s economy is showing strong signs of recovery, and its economic growth is among the highest in the Middle East," Good news all round and the incentives are there for increasing exports and imports. To handle these we will undoubtedly see more ships in and out of Egyptian ports and so Safina Shipping Services will be on hand to ensure smooth transitions.

By providing comprehensive agency services throughout all Egyptian ports, Safina acts to preserve and protect the interests of ship owners and charterers as a full-fledged local partner. By combining our decades of expertise with local on the ground knowledge, we ensure that your vessel, crew, cargo and cash are in safe hands.

With vast experience handling all different cargoes including bulk, break bulk, containerized and project cargo, Safina offers comprehensive maritime logistics services to ensure the safety and accurate delivery of your cargo. With the combined knowledge of ship owners, charterers, cargo owners and stevedores through our sister companies and former group (IACC Group), we are equipped with a 360-degree scope to deliver our services at the level our partners expect. If you are involved in any of the following, or need Safina Shipping Services in Egypt to help you with these, then we are a call or an email away:

  •                      Full Ship Agency
  •                      Protective Agency
  •                      Suez Canal Transit Services
  •                      Husbandry Services
  •                      Liner Agency
  •                      Freight Forwarding
  •                      Chartering
  •                      Bunker Call Agency
  •                      Dry – Docking
  •                      Break Bulk and Project

While we are talking about good news for Egypt and the maritime world, there is even better news on the horizon as we hear that officials at the Panama Canal are suggesting that America’s trade dispute with China has the potential to reduce container ship transportation through the canal. The view is that these trade tariffs are likely to impact the Panama Canal more seriously than the Suez Canal. If that proves to be the case then Safina will be even more ready, willing and able to help you out!

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