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The right people, the right investment, the right services

Safina is the leading Egyptian shipping services agency and we have invested in technology and dependable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. It’s what makes our world go round and keeps us at the top of the list when visiting ships arrive in Egyptian waters looking for reliable shipping services.

We work with captains, ship owners, crew members and all the ancillary people who make arrivals and departures run smoothly. This is where we come in: we have people in every Egyptian port and services covering crew management, regulatory documentation, ship husbandry, project and break bulk cargo and a host of other associated ship services. All handled and dealt with by a dependable team that understand s the needs of visiting ships. We have been there and operated our own vessels so we know what works and why it works for our customers.

The age of the autonomous vessel is still a way off so every captain needs help with crew management services. We operate our own fleet of crew vans and can collect, deliver, support, guide and handle any crew services in Egypt. Local knowledge and local people add and air of confidence and Safina is renowned for the quality of the people who make up our services.

With Safina you will never be short of crew members: if we have collected them or delivered them inland for business or personal reasons, we will ensure they arrive on time ready for sailing departures. Even a visit to a local doctor or supermarket can be daunting if seafarers are unsure of the local landscape. That’s our role and with the right people onboard, we can make sure you have the right people onboard every time.   

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