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You will find us in every Egyptian port

Providing the right shipping agency services is not all about capability: it’s also about coverage and at Safina we lay claim to being present at every port in Egypt. Our regional coverage is important as increasing traffic through the Suez Canal calls for more bunkering services, cargo-handling and stevedoring support for visiting ships. As part of a comprehensive cargo, logistics and shipping group, we have the resources to call on to provide a range of services that vessels arriving in Egyptian ports ask for.

Safina can provide you with ship agency and maritime logistics services across all Egyptian ports - Alexandria Port, El-Dekheila Port, Damietta Port, Port Said Port, East Port Said Port, Arish Port, Suez Port, Petroleum Dock Port, Adabiya Port, and Sokhna Port. We can arrange berths in your port of choice, handle your documentation, clear your vessel with the necessary paperwork and certifications with port and other authorities, as well as releasing or receiving your cargo. These are standard services but in Egypt we have the people on the ground to assist because we see ourselves not merely as service providers but as partners: our role is to ensure your vessels are cleared and serviced on arrival and ready for departure.

The traffic in and out of the Suez Canal is not purely coming from Egyptian ports. Many of the vessels we deal with are in transit but still looking for port agency services. Transit through the Canal is often preceded by waiting times that can be up to six hours in some cases – more than enough time for bunkering, which is another of the services we can help you with. Safina has operated its own vessels and understand what services are needed. This translates into comprehensive and flexible ship agency services that will not impede your progress through the Red Sea. If you require repairs and maintenance on arrival, we can support you in these matters with or without prior notification.

As part of our liner agency services we can offer container tracking, haulage, documentation and crew transfers. We are part of the IACC Holdings group so we can bring in support from our sister companies to handle cargo and container shipping services. We are an Egyptian company providing the highest standards of services in all Egyptian ports. Returning vessels ask for us by name and that comes from a combination of experience and trust.

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